"The treatment is like nothing else"

-Kimberely Schipke
-Foundation for Alternative and Integrative Medicine

"The CPT team are very experienced, very knowledgeable and always provide great results"

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I have had an ongoing injury for some time on my hip and surrounding pelvic muscles. This had been an ongoing issue for several months, which had been aggravated from swimming repetitive laps in the pool. I would have to sacrifice what I do in the water to other resources because I couldn’t move and position my body in the ways I needed to for my sport.

Dan made such a difference in helping free the tendons around the hip and pelvic muscles in order to gain blood flow and stimulate the healing process. This helped after two sessions, correcting the tendons in the right manner and helping me gain the ability to move the water.

In my experience, I was so relieved to be able to move without pain. I would highly recommend Dan for treatments in this regard.

- Jake Packard – 2016 Olympic Bronze Medalist.


Working as a model might sound like the dream job, but it has its downfalls like anything else. Spending hours on end in 6 inch heals caused my glute to seize up and become so tight that it eventually turned into one big ball of scar tissue! I tried everything to release the muscle and build some strength but because it was so tight I couldn’t even get it to switch on in a pilates class.
With no longterm results from previous treatments, I heard about Dan’s technique and thought I would give it a shot.
Dan’s ability to understand the body is very unique and powerful and despite not being able to ditch the heals due to my line of work I am no longer in constant pain and have regained my hip strength and balance!

- Tegan Martin – Miss Universe Australia, Celebrity Apprentice star, Co-founder of Universal Confidence


Having spent $60,000 on previous treatment Mr. Hone was relieved to find Choice Point Technique based on the Sunshine Coast

“This is just a short note to express sincere thanks and appreciation from myself and my family for your care.
After enduring some 18 months of chronic pain from the injury to my lower back and intensive, non-effective treatments from mainstream medical practitioners, I am happy to say that in your hands for only three sessions, my pain levels have reduced by at least 90% so far.
Before meeting with you I was categorised by the mainstream in the end as “stable and stationary”, in other words, “nobody understood my injury or how to treat it”. I felt dumped and destined to a dismal future of chronic pain with no relief or remedy in sight.
From my experience with your care and attention, I can say that you have a precious gift of healing which has allowed me to get back to a normal life and for that, I am very grateful.
I can assure you that you will have my highest recommendations to anyone I cross paths with who is in the same situation as I was.”

- Kind Regards–G Hone