Becoming a global Choice Point Technique Therapist

Choice Point Technique is working globally with hundreds of professional therapists of all disciplines to achieve a common goal of rapid results and well-being via the new understanding of the Human Body Field and dedicated technologies.

Whether you are an established practitioner seeking growth or if you are considering healthcare as a new direction, Choice Point Technique has education that’s right for you.

After training in Choice Point Technique you will discover why the benefits of most massage only last a number of days; you will gain a deeper understanding into what causes muscle and nerve pain and learn practical techniques that solve even the most difficult ailments such as Sciatica, permanently. 

"The decision to develop CPT as a training program came from my own frustration with pain relief treatment. It was an uninvited catalyst for change that is now being used to treat across the country"

-Dan Potter
-Founder of CPT

With over 14 years of practical application we are proud to offer a course that enables massage therapists to deliver results for their clients. We have developed a global network of specialists and research partners committed to understanding the Human Body Field and dedicated technologies.

Choice Point technique is an alternative massage treatment specialising in soft and deep muscle, ligament and tendon manipulation that is now being recognised by mainstream therapists all over the world due to its results driven reputation.

Our courses are run over two modules. They are conducted through practical application, and each practitioner is guided using using the Complete Anatomy platform. Complete Anatomy is the world's most advanced 3D anatomy platform with stunning micro-models showcasing the body in detail like never before. This will allow students to explore every angle of over 13,000 structures in 3D along with extra courses, video's, screens and lectures from renowned experts.


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